Whichever way you look at it...

The increased number of fish in our pond heralds the start of Scholars without Borders' Access Equity Inititiative related activities, and our new blog on Wordpress, scholarswithoutborders.wordpress.com.

We hope you like the logo, but more importantly, what we hope to do through æ.

Which is, among other things,
  • to develop and strengthen the infrastructure and facilities for alternative systems of disseminating and distributing books and related materials across India,
  • to give access, voice, and visibility to marginalized sections of our society: women, dalits, tribals, the underclasses,
  • to ensure equitable access to books and information all over the country, and
  • to provide small and independent publishers a space through which they can present their books on the internet.

Our belief is that the need for this initiative is great, in particular in those parts of the country where there is severely limited access to libraries and bookstores. So Scholars works to provide the digital means of access to this rich material by operating an online website and bookstore for academic books and journals.

The idea behind SwB has always been, quite simply, to highlight the best of Indian academic writing, and make it possible to obtain this material online. We like to close the loop between the book and the reader, to make books available in places with poor access to bookstores but mobile and internet connectivity.

Our website (both the existing one, and one that should be up and running in the next few months) provides a dynamic platform for educational and academic material that is being produced here, and make this available and visible as much as possible.

We also hope, through SwB, to present the best of our scholarship all over the world - the scope and reach of the internet will, we hope, make it possible for people in the more remote parts of India and elsewhere to get our books easily.

We'd greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions! Write in at mail@scholarswithoutborders.in, or on the Access Equity pages on our new blog-