Giving them the finger....

Literally, that is. Apropos the recent hubub about celebrities and former Presidents being subject to questioning and frisking at airports, this new title from Tara Books, Chennai caught my eye.

"When designer and artist Andrea Anastasio visited the United States some years ago, he was fingerprinted (like everyone else) by the airport immigration authorities. This moment — both banal and ominous — stayed with him until it worked its way into his art.

The result is Fingerprint, a visual fable that celebrates resistance to state surveillance and control. The artist’s fingerprints, screen printed onto the pages of the book, create progressively complex patterns and sequences, transporting the fingerprint from the world of forensics and law into the freeing world of art and imagination.

An accompanying essay by historian and political activist V Geetha points to those suggestive instances when people across cultures and nations have resisted fingerprinting, asserting their right to existence while fighting all attempts to foreclose their identities.

This book is a fable for our times. Each copy is an original letterpressed handmade edition."

A work of art as well. Find it in our General Books category, 104 pages, hardcover, Rs 950. ISBN: 9788190675628