Inclusive, Informal, and Intense

That is the impression I gathered of a meeting named YETI that is being organized by student volunteers from institutions in Bangalore and Mysore. This student-driven effort is a welcome new format and will hopefully be the first of more... and will show students in other disciplines as to how to evolve.

YETI expands to Young Ecologists Talk and Interact: A conference for ecology students and researchers in India, and if the group that was there last year is anything to go by, this year promises to be even better. Everyone involved in ecological research across India is invited!

As their website says: This event is meant to serve as a friendly and inspiring platform for ecologists, early in their career, to present and discuss their work, exchange ideas, and even strike up collaborations with contemporaries across the country. YETI is unique in being organized entirely by student volunteers from Bangalore and Mysore. We invite students from other parts of the country to volunteer to help organize YETI in the future.

The dates of this year's conference are 24-26 September, and as the title of this post suggests, the meeting should be very worthwhile. The format has the usual set of talks and so on, but what is cool is a half-day workshop on skills in ecology research, and the promise of time and space for informal interaction among ecology students and researchers.

Hopefully there should be little scope for the "I came, I spoke, I left" credo adopted by most senior researchers at national conferences (Veni! Orati! Absenti!... Well, thats MY Latin) - and with such an informal start, one can only wish the organisers the very best.

Spread the word, please, and pass this link on-