Spacetime, Gravity, and all that.

Pankaj Sharan has been teaching physics at the Jamia Milia Islamia for several years now, and has built a formidable reputation for himself as a teacher who cares... for the details. It is therefore welcome news that the latest book in the TRiPS (Texts and Readings in the Physical Sciences) Series of Hindustan Book Agency is a text that he has authored, on Spacetime, Geometry, and Gravitation.

"This textbook introduces a student to the physical as well as the mathematical foundations of general relativity. Following an introduction to the general theory of relativity, the required geometrical and mathematical background is presented in detail. The third part of the book includes a range of topics such as the action principle, weak fields, gravitational waves, the Schwarzschild and Kerr solutions, the Friedman equation, the Gauss-Codacci equations and the Raychaudhuri equation.

The book is suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Established researchers will find the presentation of many topics novel, and thus the text can also serve as a reference book. A special feature of the book is the inclusion of many exercises (provided with solutions) so as to help the student acquire a better understanding of the material. A student who has followed the book should be able to study other advanced texts and papers in the area of general relativity without extra preparation."

The book is divided, as the title suggests, in three parts. Spacetime has the chapters What is Curvature?, General relativity basics, Spherically symmetric gravitational field while Geometry consists of Vectors and Tensors, Inner Product, Elementary Differential Geometry, Connection and Curvature, Riemannian geometry, Some More Geometry and the section Gravitation has The Einstein Equation, General features of spacetime, Weak Gravitational fields, Schwarzschild and Kerr solutions and Cosmology.

In our Physics Section, 360 pages, Hardcover, Rs. 550. ISBN: 9788185931968.