Pune's Gokhale Institute

The Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics in Pune was founded in 1930 by Rao Bahadur R. R. Kale M. L. C. of Satara, as a "center for higher learning and research in economics. From those days it has evolved into a premiere institute of advanced study in economics boasting of faculty and alumni who have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally as academicians, policy makers and consultants. "

Since the beginning they have had a vibrant publication programme- their peer-reviewed journal Artha Vijnana is already 50 years old (in 2008). In addition they have working papers, monographs, mimeographed reprint and so on (listings available on their site).

This post is occasioned, however, by the reprinting of one of their titles, the important Poverty in India by Vishnu Mahadeo Dandekar with contributions from Nilakantha Rath.

Originally commissioned by the Ford Foundation (in 1970), the present reprint- which remains of interest- is by the Bangalore based Books for Change. "This study is concerned with the problem of poverty in India. It is a problem of low national income and its unequal distribution; of slow pace of development and inequitable distribution of the small gains of development. “It quickly became apparent that knowledge of how the benefits of development have been shared among various segments of the population is crucial to an understanding of many other issues. It also became clear that an effective study of Poverty could only be done by an Indian scholar who had intimate knowledge of India’s total development progress and who is recognised within India as an authority in this field. In our search for such a scholar, discussions with numerous Indian scholars and officials led us to Dr V M Dandekar, Director of Indian School of Political Economy, Poona and the Ford Foundation contracted with the School to prepare such a study under the senior authorship of Dr Dandekar.”

See all the Books for Change titles here. Poverty in India is in paperback, 166 pages, Rs 200.