Epic Fantastic

The Urdu Project of Toronto-based writer and translator Musharraf Ali Farooqi is dedicated exclusively to publishing English translations of classical and contemporary works of Urdu literature. The first book in the series is being published in India by Random House...

Hoshruba was originally compiled by Urdu writers Muhammad Husain Jah and Ahmed Husain Qamar between 1883 and 1893. Farooqi terms this the “world’s first magical fantasy epic”- and the material is drawn from Indo-Islamic culture: he translated the volume himself, on the heels of The Adventures of Amir Hamza for which he received considerable praise.

Farooqi was born in 1968 in Hyderabad, Pakistan and now lives in Toronto. Describing the books he says "The first book of the Hoshruba series begins with the giant Laqa entering Hoshruba’s protection, and its sorcerer emperor finding himself at war with Laqa’s arch fiend, Amir Hamza, the Lord of the Auspicious Planetary Conjunction, who pursues the giant with his numerous tricksters and a young prince–the yet to be known conqueror-designate of Hoshruba. When the prince is kidnapped by the devious trickster girls sent by the sorcerer emperor, it falls to an extraordinary trickster and a rebel sorceress to continue his mission....."

Paperback, 516 pages, Rs 495. ISBN: 9788184000962