Jai Kisan

Two books reviewed in today's Hindu on the state of Indian Agriculture prompted this post. Academic Foundation, a specialist publisher based in Delhi has focused on books relating to the Indian Economy, Industry, Banking & Finance. They have made quite a name for themselves for the quality of their publications, and the attention they pay to detail.

D Narasimha Reddy reviews GLIMPSES OF INDIAN AGRICULTURE — Macro and Micro Aspects, edited by R S Deshpande, Vijay Paul Sharma, R P S Malik, Brajesh Jha and S A Ansari. This is a two volume study of the Agro Economic Research Centres (AERCs) launched by the Union Ministry of Agriculture with the objective of conducting research into specific agro-economic problems which are of special interest to the governments at the Centre and in the States. The first volume is on macro issues,
and the second on state-specific micro issues. Reddy says ... the main objective of these two volumes is to draw the attention of policy-makers and researchers to the existence of such rich and valuable material scattered across the AERCs in the country. The sponsoring organisations and the editors have done a yeoman service to all those engaged in research in agricultural economics by conceiving this book project.

K L Krishna and Uma Kapila
(Eds.) "bring in their respective expertise on industry and agriculture to compile this unique reference text, with contributions from noted economists, in order to provide critical insights into the two vital sectors of the Indian economy", Readings in Indian Agriculture and Industry. The list of contributors to this volume is impressive, and includes among others, Isher Judge Ahluwalia, T C A Anant, G S Bhalla, Uma Kapila, K L Krishna, Mihir Rakshit, C H Hanumantha Rao, Suresh D. Tendulkar and V S Vyas.

Both to be found in our Economics section.