Imagining the past, building the future.

This post is about two old titles from Tulika, both by architects.

Romi Khosla, sometime principal of Delhi-based GRUP India is the author of
The Loneliness of a Long Distant Future: Dilemmas of Contemporary Architecture, a book "about the passing of global events and conflicts in some geographical spaces seen through the window of contemporary architecture. It is about the obliteration of existing contexts [in Kosovo, Jerusalem, Samarkand, Tibet] and the formation of new architectural identities in the 21 first century."

Khosla, economist-turned-architect, UN adviser and writer said in an interview 'Communities are being destroyed by military ambitions. Whoever said our futures will be decided by the armed services? It is the prerogative of architects to invent futures. We are better trained for it than the military.'

Gautam Bhatia's A Moment in Architecture is an intimate autobiography of architecture.

"For the uninitiated, looking at Indian architecture is like viewing a forest. Obscured by the profusion, at first the eye sees only dense vegetation, in a state of confusion, conflict and chaos. Only when the focus narrows to a single tree, a shrub, a blade of grass does the forest's variety become discernible and an order emerge. Behind the unseemly mess of an Indian city, behind Mughal portals and inside stepwells, in old mountain houses and dark temple interiors, lies another picture of Indian architecture.

The author of this book, an architect himself, takes the reader on a personal journey through its labyrinths, providing insights into structures that dot our lives. He casts his gaze - sometimes lovingly, sometimes despairingly - on buildings as diverse as the stone citadel of Jaisalmer, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the facades of Greater Kailash, on a stepwelll at Adalaj, a Corbusier Church, a Frank Lloyd Wright House.

In doing so, he lays bare ideas and facts about these buildings, while reflecting on the sensory and meditative qualities of experiencing each of them."

Listed in the Art and Architecture section, these can be found by just searching for Tulika titles on our site. Rs 700 for Romi Khosla's book, ISBN: 9788185229553 and Rs 400 for Gautam Bhatia's, ISBN: 9788185229591