Sub molior

Under Construction, the felicitously named film distribution initiative of Magic Lantern Foundation, a non-profit group working with media and human rights has been conceived as a non-broadcast, educational distribution centre for independent films.

Gargi Sen and Ranjan De- the moving spirits behind UC- provide a great platform for the documentary film makers working in India, by enabling a professional distribution channel. At present, they offer several hundred films (from all over the world, though most are from India) on a range of themes and ideas: globalisation, human rights, gender, migration, border, conflict, sexuality, identity, citizenship, resistance, culture, arts, biographies, environment, development etc.

Check out their films that are listed on our site. Some are perennial favourites- Goa under Siege!, A Healer is Born, Born at Home, Unlimited Girls,A Day In The Life Of Ponga Pandit, A Million Steps, A Night Of Prophecy, A Woman's Place, Aids Has A Face... to name a few. And from some of the most creative of our documentary film makers- Gargi Sen, Ranjan De, Paromita Vohra, Sudhanva Deshpande, Pankaj Butalia, R V Ramani... The list is long, and you can explore them on the Scholars pages for Under Construction.

And Sub Molior? Thats just UC in Latin... seems like a good motto for an enterprise that is always growing!