Physicists of India, Unite!

The Indian Physics Association (IPA) was founded in 1970, with the aims and objectives of helping the advancement, dissemination and application of the knowledge of physics in India. To that end, this society has done a number of things, including dissemination of information in the various fields of physics by publication of bulletins, reports and newsletters, and by arranging special programmes for students- seminars and lectures on research and teaching in physics.

At present the IPA has about 3,500 members in 41 chapters in India and one chapter in the US as well. They are responsible for a number of awards, including the R. D. Birla, the S. N. Seshadri Award for Instrumentation, the N. S. Satyamurthy Award for young scientists, the Murali M Chugani Award for Excellence in Applied Physics, and a Best Thesis Award in Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics and Atomic and Molecular Physics.

This post is about the (revamped and new-look!) IPA publication Physics News which is published quarterly. The present editor is Professor Dipan Ghosh of the IIT Bombay, and the current issue (January 2009) is on the Bhabha Centenary.

With articles that discuss the man and his science, this volume is a collector's item. Bhabha was a Fellow of the Royal Society, and when he died, a biography written by Lord Penney appeared in their Biographical Memoirs. That article is largely reprinted here. M G K Menon, Devendra Lal, Govind Swarup, Obaid Siddiqui, G Venkataraman, P K Iyengar and others reminisce about their associations with Homi Bhabha. Homi Sethna offers some piquant anecdotes. B V Sreekantan and Virendra Singh talk about his scientific contributions, and Bhabha himself speaks, his 1945 lecture at the founding of the TIFR is reprinted here as well.

Priced at Rs 100, this special issue can be got in two ways. One is by becoming a member of the Indian Physics Association- write to Their website is hosted at TIFR,

The other, is, as always, to write to us.