The Method in the Madness

Terrorism has become such a commonplace... and yet. We live from crisis to crisis and endure. And yet, it is important to try to make some sense of it all, and by now there is more than enough by way of examples that allow one to see the method in the madness.

A new title from Sage, India is Terrorism: Patterns of Internationalization by Jaideep Saikia and Ekaterina Stepanova "provides a systematic analysis of the concepts of internationalization of terrorism. It looks into the stages and processes through which terrorism has spread in various parts of the world and binds together the facts to present a comprehensive picture of the distinguishing features that characterize the internationalization of terrorism—from local to global. Through 11 well-researched chapters, leading experts on terrorism from across five continents express their views and analyze the main patterns, stages, and levels of internationalization of different types of terrorism in a broad cross-regional perspective.

The book challenges a number of conventional patterns of analysis and underlines the importance of visualizing terrorism as an act driven by political motivation, notwithstanding the fact that it is manifested through ideological or religious sentiments. It also analyzes the various tactics used by different terrorist organizations in different regions and distinguishes terrorists from other non-state actors. It dwells on the dangerous implications of the internationalization of terrorism and emphasizes the need to develop a research methodology which can help understand the current conceptualization of the phenomenon and bring forward analytical solutions."

A book worth reading for expert and non-expert alike. In our Strategic Affairs section, Hardcover, 316 pages. Rs 695. ISBN: 9788178299518