By gum!

M I H Farooqi retired from the National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow and put his long experience to use by compiling the DICTIONARY OF INDIAN PLANT GUMS, RESINS, DYES & RELATED PRODUCTS that has been recently published by Sidrah Publishers, Lucknow.

The book is an extremely useful resource with more than 1400 plants being documented in it. "An omnibus of succinct information on various aspect of gums, resins and dyes of vegetable origin—useful for researches and Industries" says S. K. Jain, former Director of the Botanical Survey of India, in his Foreword. A report in the Indian Express calls this "a unique effort in that it combines content with utility, helping the scholar and entrepreneur alike."

And well it should. Guar gum
alone helps Indian exporters rake in foreign exchange worth Rs 1,000 crore-plus. The dictionary puts at your fingertips all the information you need about gums, resins and dyes originating from vegetation. Besides giving in alphabetical order the names of each, it also gives the reader every known synonym in various languages. Most names included are of plants of Indian origin, but those of foreign origin find mention too. The dictionary also assumes commercial importance for the extensive list it carries of Indian manufacturers and exporters of plant gums, resins and dyes.

Scholars is pleased to list the book in our Agricultural Sciences list and also in Dictionaries. The book provides a ready reckoner of names that would help manufacturers from across various regions to get these natural products even from tribal regions with the help of their native names.

In Hardcover, 352 pages, Rs 800. ISBN: 9788190135221.