Secret Lives

सर्वहारा रातें- उन्नीसवीं सदी के फ्रांस में मजदूर-स्वप्न
is the Hindi translation of Jacques Ranciere's
Nights of Labour: Workers' Dream in 19th Century France.

Algerian born Jacques Rancière is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris. He is well known for his book Reading Capital written with Louis Althusser. Nights of Labour is a work that examines the philosophical and poetical writings of workers in 19th century France, "an influential work of social history which examines in detail the records of ordinary workers' lives in order to produce a new picture of their surprising political sophistication."

"Through an examination of the lives of these worker autodidacts, Rancière introduced a new way of thinking about the idea of the worker, and of the injunction that divides between those entitled to a life in thought and those born to do manual labour. Ranciere wrote The Nights of Labour after years of archival work. It traces the world of worker intellectuals in 19th century France, who, through their poems, music, letters, produced a world that did not celebrate work as in conventional socialist texts, but a life outside it. Radical in its style and argument, Nights of Labour, offers not just a revision of working class history, but the relation between politics, knowledge, aesthetics and equality, all of which have become topics of Ranciere's future books."

The first in a series of translations of texts to be published by Sarai-CSDS and Vani Prakashan, this book has been translated from the English by Abhay Kumar Dube.

In Hindi, in paperback, 455 pages, Rs 325. ISBN: 9788181439550. Write to us... लिखिए!