Roman Noir

Sunetra Gupta is Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at Oxford University. She is also the author of four novels of which the first, Memories of Rain won the Sahitya Akademi Prize in 1997. Another, A Sin of Colour won the Southern Arts Literature Prize, 2000.

Add to that, a fifth. So Good in Black from Women Unlimited, 2009.

"Max Gate, an American travel writer and his once beloved friend, Byron Mallick, a charming and refined Bengali businessman, meet again in extraordinary circumstances on the shores of Bengal.

It is the eve of the transit of Venus in 2004. Byron is facing charges of murdering a crusading journalist, Damini, whose cousin, Ela, haunts Max's being years after their love affair has ended. Ela ricochets between her deep attachment to Byron, her loyalty to her husband and her desperate love for Max. Meanwhile Max's former brother-in-law, Piers O'Reilly, is determined to bring Byron to justice.

... As this gripping and intricately layered tale unfolds, all certitudes about love, friendship and morality dissolve into tantalising ambiguity, defying easy resolution. In the end, only the redemptive power of memory seems able to seal the scars of loss and betrayal."

In our Indian Writing in English section, Paperback, 291 pages. Rs 350, ISBN: 9788188965545