i-POD: Back in the public domain

Sarai Reader 01: The Public Domain. A milestone in media studies in India, the first of the annual Readers brought out by Sarai, the New Media Initiative, in Delhi.

"The Sarai Reader can be seen both as a navigation log of actual voyages and a map for possible journeys into a real and imagined territory that we have provisionally called the "Public Domain". This republic without territory is a sovereign entity that comes into being whenever people gather and begin to communicate, using whatever means that they have at hand, beyond the range of the telescope of the merchant, and outside the viewing platform of the microscope of the censor.

Our Public Domain has no borders and issues no visas...."

Bold, brash, breezy.... Wildly popular, for quite some time now it has been out of print.

Till today, that is. With Sarai 01: The Public Domain, Scholars is very pleased to launch our i-POD service, the POD here being, of course, Print On Demand.

Some titles- especially the more eclectic- need the occasional resurrection rather than constant reprinting, and for these Scholars is more than happy to offer you a limited edition i-POD version. Write to us for details.

Meanwhile, Sarai 01. 248 pages, 14.5 cm x 21 cm. Paperback: Rs 350, US$ 20, € 20. Shipping extra.