Gateway to Heaven

A new book from Yoda Press: GAY WRITERS IN SEARCH OF THE DIVINE, a study of Hinduism and Homosexuality in the Lives and Writings of Edward Carpenter, E M Forster, and Christopher Isherwood by Antony Copley

"Gay Writers in Search of the Divine is an exploration of how three English writers—Edward Carpenter, E MForster, and Christopher Isherwood—all three of whom shared a similar sexuality, sought in Hindu spirituality one way of achieving personal autonomy and fulfillment. Antony Copley reveals how these writers reconciled their inner conflicts and were led in the direction of Hinduism either by friendship or the influence of gurus. Tackling the themes of the guru-disciple relationship, their quarrel with Christianity, relationships with their mothers and the problematic feminine, the tensions between sexuality and the attraction of Hindu mysticism, this fascinating work seeks to reveal whether Hinduism offered the answers and fulfillment these writers ultimately sought."

Coming to India to search for oneself has been a traditional pastime. The Beatles, Britney, Madonna.. Why, even Jesus is said to have spent years here... Coming to India to find your other can, as this book examines, also be quite revealing...

In our Gender Studies section, Paperback 336 pages, Rs 350. ISBN: 9788190666824. Only sold within South Asia.