A woman's work....

When my colleague Jayati Ghosh writes, people usually sit up and take notice. Her fortnightly column in Frontline, and her several articles in the newspapers, are invaluable: written in a very accessible style, she does much to educate the reading public on matters economic, developmental, political and gendered.

Her latest book, from Women Unlimited, Never Done and Poorly Paid "investigates the complex interaction of the forces of globalisation with shifts in the nature of women's work in the Indian context. It shows how rapid economic growth in India since the early 1990s has not been accompanied with the required expansion of productive employment opportunities. This has generated unexpected outcomes for patterns of women's employment in India, which has shown quite paradoxical trends: simultaneous increases in work participation rates, unpaid labour, migration for work and open unemployment of women."

In keeping with her major academic preoccupations, Jayati attempts to "unravel this complicated set of outcomes for women workers, by situating them in wider economic processes and relating them to economic policies and labour market developments. She argues that while the Indian economy's recent boom has excluded the bulk of women in the country from its benefits, such tendencies are no longer unnoticed or uncontested."

In our Economics and Gender Studies Sections. Hardcover, 196 pages. Rs 250. ISBN: 9788188965441