What an idea, sirjee!

A biweekly magazine that discusses the very latest in science that you can subscribe to for less than Rs 45 an issue!

The New Scientist is now available in India, and Scholars is more than happy to bring it to you. We now list it in our Periodicals section, and on offer are 6 month, 1 year and 3 year subscriptions. The latter two come with additional freebies, of 4GB and 120GB storage, for all the wonderful news items you might wish to download and store...

For those that might not have known about the magazine earlier, "Since 1956, New Scientist magazine has been keeping readers up to date with the latest science and technology news from around the world. With a network of correspondents and editorial offices worldwide, we have a global reach that no other science magazine can match. New Scientist currently has nearly 1 million worldwide readers every week.

New Scientist is widely read by both scientists and non scientists as a way of keeping track of scientific and technological progress. Many science articles in the general press are based on its contents, as New Scientist covers the social and cultural impacts and consequences of scientific and technological discovery, not just the underlying science. The magazine carries regular features, news and commentary on environmental issues and is an acknowledged source of evidenced information from the scientific community."

Think about it. Its cheaper than Cine Blitz or Stardust, and has the same amount of absolutely incredible information. Only this stuff is probably true!

NS occupies a separate page in our Periodicals section. Individual copies are on the newsstands for Rs 75, but subscriptions are Rs 499 for six months (12 issues), Rs 1599 for a year (26 issues). Or Rs 4700 for 3 years (78 issues). For whatever period, a steal, sirjee!