In search of the truth

Gautama Buddha was termed the Anagarika, “one who leaves society in search of the truth”. Sometimes its easier thought than done, and sometimes one finds the truth, such as it is, close by enough...

Arup Dutta, a writer based in Assam, uses this theme of self discovery in a new novel The Anagarika's Swansong that has been published by Anwesha. The novel deals with a protagonist who leaves his aging parents and sets out to discover a meaning to life. Dutta writes extensively on matters Northeast: his book on the Bramhaputra for the NBT is a "riveting account of one of the greatest river systems in the world, the awesome route its takes, and the mystery originally surrounding it till intrepid British explorers unraveled the enigma. Apart from sketching a profile of the river, the books seeks to acquaint outside readers with the society which evolved on its banks, the heights of civilization attained, and the contribution made by it to the pan-Indian mosaic." In our Indian Writing in English section.

(Un)settled: Notes from a Shifting Life is another voyage of self-discovery. "As a young Indian woman, Kamini Karlekar travelled between the worlds of Africans and the worlds of Eurpeans and Americans – she had a passport to all, but she belonged to none. She came of age in Sudan and Liberia, falling in love, fighting for what mattered to her, struggling to find a place for herself in the world. In this extraordinary and moving personal memoir, the first of its kind by an Indian, Kamini explores what it means to be unsettled and to belong."

Recently from Tranquebar Press, and also in our IWE section.