Coping with earthquakes

Gujarat. Latur. Koyna. Bihar. Quetta.... India has a serious earthquake problem, and The National Information Center of Earthquake Engineering hosted at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur tries to help us all cope by producing, collecting and maintaining information resources on Earthquake Engineering with a view to mitigating earthquake disasters in India. NICEE receives no budget from any sources and operates entirely on the interest income of its endowment, sponsorships, publication sales, and donations.

One never quite knows when one will find this useful- earthquakes being as unpredictable as they come... so its good that someone cares. All their publications can now be purchased via Scholars.

As for example, their latest book: Engineering Response to Hazards of Terrorism edited by S K Jain, C V R Murty and D C Rai. This is the proceedings of a conference that dealt with the problem that "Important and major systems, facilities and structures are currently being subjected to threats of terrorist attacks. Strategies and measures are required to reduce, if not to prevent, possible loss and damage due to the negative fallouts of hazards of terrorism.

Four levels of security strategies are possible namely deception, intelligence, physical and operational protection, and structural hardening. The INAE National Seminar on Engineering Response to Hazards of Terrorism was an attempt to bring particularly the last two strategies in focus. "

A timely book. Rs 450 plus shipping. NICEE has a separate page in our Institutional Lists.