Dear Diary

'Tis the season... to get a diary for the coming year. These feature in our Occasional Listings and this year there are two to talk about.

Kriti a nongovernmental organisation based in New Delhi is a group of people who examine development research, praxis and communication. They serve as a knowledge and skill building support group on development and human rights issues by bringing out books, making and showing documentaries, and also by promoting organic food and body products, eco-friendly bags and wallets, greeting cards and handmade paper stationery and so on.

Each year they bring out a Diary that highlights people’s movements and human rights issues.This year's offering are "herstories of struggle, .... , a time to rise together for freedom and change! Celebrate 10 years of documenting people's movements for rights." Their Diary 2009 includes updates from several movements and comes with a detachable wall planner for the year.

Zubaan's 2009 Diary is titled Fellowship of the Ring and focuses on unusual women and an unusual sport. The women come from different backgrounds – rural, urban, middle class, lower middle class – and the sport they have chosen to pursue is boxing, forming a unique 'fellowship of the ring'. Storming a male bastion – and particularly this bastion – isn't easy, and for many of the women featured in this year's diary, as well as for many others who aren't here, the battle lines are very clearly drawn. Despite this, women boxers have fought their way to the very top, although they've received little recognition.

Writer Nisha Susan and photographer Uzma Mohsin, travelled to many places for the weekly newsmagazine Tehelka, to track down the stories of these women. They point out that since 2001, when it was introduced in India, women's boxing has given India three world champions (beating 190 women from 32 countries) and every year, Indian women boxers win armfuls of gold, silver and bronze medals at international events. What's more, in many instances their parents go out of their way to turn their daughters' dreams into reality.