The Sammlung De Nobili

I am frequently amazed by the diversity of sources that we come across when one of the SwB family asks for a book... This has taught us so much, and has been one of the primary ways in which we have grown to include so many different publishers.

A recent request for the book Vain Debates (which is on the Buddhist-Christian controversies in 19th century Ceylon) brought the Sammlung De Nobili onto our radar. This month they run a sale on a number of their titles and so we thought that a post on their books would be of value to scholars here. But first, the Sammlung (Collection) itself.

Based in Vienna, the aim of the De Nobili association is "to promote and disseminate the results of research into Indian religions, especially as regards their encounter with the Western intellectual world and Christian spirituality. The De Nobili Research Library pursues this aim through the publication of the series Publications of the De Nobili Research Library, [and] through its maintenance of the De Nobili Research Library. "

The Foundation publishes a remarkably eclectic collection of books on Indology. Some of their authors are familiar, having books published in India, Patrick Olivelle (a range of titles that include the Manusmriti (OUP) and Ascetics and Brahmins (MRML)) and Gudrun Buhnemann, (the Tantric form of Ganesa, D K Printworld) for instance. All the De Nobili titles would appear to be essential inputs to libraries and collections that focus on the classics, and these months, the books listed below are available at reduced prices (mentioned in Euros. With shipping, the cost would be a bit more.)

Write in to us, and we would be very happy to help you get them. The conversion rate that applies is € 1.00 = INR 68.60.

Books in English:

  1. PATRICK OLIVELLE, Vāsudevāśrama, Yatidharmaprakāśa. A Treatise on World Renunciation, critically edited with introduction, annotated translation and appendices, Part I: Text. Vienna 1976. 142p. (€ 13)
  2. PATRICK OLIVELLE, Vāsudevāśrama, Yatidharmaprakāśa. A Treatise on World Renunciation, critically edited with introduction, annotated translation and appendices, Part II: Translation. Vienna 1977. 231p. (€ 13)
  3. FRANCIS X. D’SA, Śabdaprāmāṇyam in Śabara und Kumārila. Towards a Study of the Mīmāsā Experience of Language. Vienna 1980. 218p. (€ 13)
  4. RICHARD F. YOUNG: Resistant Hinduism. Sanskrit Sources on Anti-Christian Apologetics in Early Nineteenth-Century India. Vienna 1981. 200p. (€ 13)
  5. GUDRUN BÜHNEMANN, Budha-Kauśika’s Rāmarakāstotra. A Contribution to the Study of Sanskrit Devotional Poetry. Vienna 1983. 125p. (€ 12)
  6. ANAND AMALADASS, Philosophical Implications of Dhvani. Experience of Symbol Language in Indian Aesthetics. Vienna 1984. 240p. (€ 13)
  7. PATRICK OLIVELLE, Renunciation in Hinduism. A Medieval Debate. Vol 1: The Debate and the Advaita Argument. Vienna 1986. 156p. (€ 15)
  8. PATRICK OLIVELLE, Renunciation in Hinduism. A Medieval Debate. Vol 2: The Viśi ādvaita Argument. Vienna 1987. 193p. (€ 15)
  9. GUDRUN BÜHNEMANN, Pūjā. A Study in Smārta Ritual. Vienna 1988. 253p. (€ 19)
  10. JAMES W. LAINE, Visions of God. Narratives of Theophany in the Mahābhārata. Vienna 1989. 304p. (€ 15)
  11. FRANCIS X. CLOONEY, S.J., Thinking Ritually. Rediscovering the Pūrva Mīmāsā Experience of Jaimini. Vienna 1990. 293p. (€ 15)
  12. CHRISTOPHER Z. MINKOWSKI, Priesthood in Ancient India. A Study of the Maitrāvarua Priest. Vienna 1991. 272p. (€ 15)
  13. YOSHITSUGU SAWAI, The Faith of Ascetics and Lay Smārtas. A Study of the Śaṅkaran Tradition of Śṅgeri. Vienna 1992. 199p. (€ 15)
  14. FRANCIS X. D’SA and ROQUE MESQUITA (eds), Hermeneutics of Encounter. Essays in Honour of Gerhard Oberhammer on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday. Vienna 1994. 1 + 303p. (€ 15)
  15. MAX NIHOM, Studies in Indian and Indo-Indonesian Tantrism. The Kuñjarakarṇa- dharmakathana and the Yogatantra. Vienna 1994. 222p. (€ 15)
  16. R.F. YOUNG – S. JEBANESAN, The Bible Trembled. The Hindu-Christian Controversies of Nineteenth-Century Ceylon. Vienna 1995. 204p. (€ 15)
  17. R.F. YOUNG – G.P.V. SOMARATNA, Vain Debates. The Buddhist-Christian Controversies of Nineteenth-Century Ceylon. Vienna 1996. 236p. (€ 15)
Books In German

  1. PAUL HACKER, Grundlagen indischer Dichtung und indischen Denkens. Aus dem Nachlaß herausgegeben von KLAUS RÜPING, Wien 1985. 148p. (€ 12)
  2. ROQUE MESQUITA, Madhva und seine unbekannten literarischen Quellen. Einige Beobachtungen. Wien 1997. 151p. (€ 15)
  3. KIYOTAKA YOSHIMIZU, Der ‘Organismus’ des urheberlosen Veda. Eine Studie der Niyoga- Lehre Prabhākaras mit ausgewählten Übersetzungen der B haī. Wien 1997. 430p. (€ 21)
  4. THOMAS OBERLIES, Die Religion des Ṛgveda. Erster Teil. Das religiöse System des gveda Wien 1998. 632p. (€ 40)
  5. THOMAS OBERLIES, Die Religion des Ṛgveda. Zweiter Teil. Kompositionsanalyse der Soma-Hymnen des Ṛgveda. Wien 1999. 313p. (€ 17)
  6. ROQUE MESQUITA, Madhva: Viṣṇutattvanirṇaya. Annotierte Übersetzung mit Studie. Wien 2000. 562p. (€ 40)
  7. GERHARD OBERHAMMER - HANS WALDENFELS, Überlieferungsstruktur und Offenbarung. Aufriß einer Reflexion des Phänomens im Hinduismus mit theologischen Anmerkungen Wien 1980. 55p. (€ 3)
  8. GERHARD OBERHAMMER (ed.) Inklusivismus. Eine indische Denkform. Wien 1983. 113p. (€ 6)
  9. GERHARD OBERHAMMER, Versuch einer transzendentalen Hermeneutik religiöser Traditionen. Wien 1987. 48p. (€ 4)
  10. GERHARD OBERHAMMER, ‘Begegnung’ als Kategorie der Religionshermeneutik. Wien 1989. 60p. (€ 4)
  11. GERHARD OBERHAMMER, Offenbarungsgeschichte als Text. Religionshermeneutische Bemerkungen zum Phänomen in hinduistischer Tradition. Wien 1994. 109p. (€6)
  12. GERHARD OBERHAMMER, Transzendenzerfahrung als absolute Begegnung. Wien 2003. 55p. (€ 6)
  13. GERHARD OBERHAMMER (ed.), Offenbarung, geistige Realität des Menschen. Arbeitsdokumentation eines Symposiums zum Offenbarungsbegriff in Indien, herausgegeben von. Wien 1974. 237p. (€ 13)
  14. GERHARD OBERHAMMER (ed.), Transzendenzerfahrung, Vollzugshorizont des Heils. Das Problem in indischer und christlicher Tradition. Arbeitsdokumentation eines Symposiums. Wien 1978. 253p. (€ 13)
  15. TILMANN VETTER, Studien zur Lehre und Entwicklung Śaṅkaras. Wien 1979. 154p. (€ 13)
  16. GERHARD OBERHAMMER (ed.), Epiphanie des Heils. Zur Heilsgegenwart in indischer und christlicher Religion. Arbeitsdokumentation eines Symposiums. Wien 1982. 256p. (€ 13)