The Maktaba Jamia

Most Indian Universities do not have a publication program- hence the lack of University presses, something that many universities outside India tend to have. There are exceptions, of course...

An unusual request from one of Scholars' regulars brought us to The Maktaba Jamia, the University Press of Jamia Milia Islamia in New Delhi. This was started in 1922, first as a Book Depot to help the Jamia in procuring text books for students. "Two years later, the Maktaba started publishing books and journals with special emphasis on literature for children. Dr. Zakir Husain pleaded with all his colleagues, who had any literary talent, to write books for children, and set an example by doing so himself.

Jamia did the greatest service to the community through Maktaba Jamia.

... In subsequent years, the Maktaba started publishing adult literature and books of general interest also. The Maktaba Jamia was made a private limited company in 1950, but the full control of Jamia was kept intact.

Maktaba Jamia has made enormous contributions in the service of Urdu language, with the aim to full fill the needs of the nation and has inculcated the feeling of awakening in the masses that have interest in Urdu. It has now grown up into a large publishing centre of Urdu and has published more than 6000 titles."

The books are inexpensive, but are accessible only to readers of Urdu. Yet, as they are proud to point out, few Universities in the country can match their publication record. We'll be more than pleased to help you get their titles. Write to us!