In agreement...

SAHMAT, the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust, was born in sadness. And in anger, following Safdar Hashmi’s brutal murder on January 1, 1989. Within weeks, a large number of writers, painters, scholars, poets, architects, photographers, designers, cultural activists and media persons formed SAHMAT.

Defending our cultural space, broadly, is what SAHMAT does. "With the firm conviction that all creative endeavour in India both traditionally and contemporaneously upholds the values of secularism and cultural pluralism, SAHMAT has undertaken activities – performances, exhibitions, publication of books, posters, production of audio-video cassettes ----to underline the concept of unity in diversity of the Indian nation and the people. Through these activities it has been possible to discover and display new dimensions of many social issues, to open up the possibility of reaching out to different sections in new ways, and allow the broadest unity to be forged among artists, intellectuals and cultural activists."

Scholars is proud to list SAHMAT titles. Both in Hindi and English, as well as their other offerings, posters, and music.

The felicitous double entendre, with सहमत meaning agreement, is most fortunate. The people who work with them bring the highest forms of creativity, and commitment. Tomorrow, for instance, Shubha Mudgal will sing for SAHMAT in Delhi, at Vitthalbai Patel House, Rafi Marg. Be there!