Not so little

A welcome addition to our Periodicals list is The Little Magazine which bills itself as "South Asia's only professionally produced independent print magazine devoted to essays, fiction, poetry, art and criticism. It is also the only publication to offer full-length novellas and film and drama scripts, complete with camera and stage directions. The magazine was conceived as a dialogue — a platform which would carry important work in the world languages along with the best of contemporary writing in the South Asian languages. It is not India-specific and addresses a community which is more easily defined in terms of mindspace rather than in purely geographical terms. Our readers have only one common denominator: they are sensitive and are looking for something more than what mainstream publishing can provide them."

Founded in 2000 by Antara Dev Sen and Pratik Kanjilal (Editor and Publisher, respectively) TLM started with a lot of goodwill - and good writing, from Amartya Sen, Martha Nussbaum, Noam Chomsky, to name a few. Since then, a steady stream of excellent thematic issues that have appeared quite regularly has ensured that they can be counted among the more interesting literary periodicals in the country, although the landscape is admittedly somewhat bleak. Biblio and The Book Review are other literary periodicals of quality, but they concentrate mainly on reviews.

TLM has many dimensions to it. For one thing, they publish a lot of original material. And from leading writers in English as well as the other languages of India. Amrita Pritam. Kunwar Narain. Dom Moraes. Atlaf Tyrewala. Mrinal Pande. And so on... For another, they have a web version- and a print version of the magazine. Further, they are very interactive, with what they call an Open Space, where readers can critique material that authors (or would be authors) put up for criticism. They also have a Gallery where (they promise) they will bring "affordable art", and a Bookshop where they offer a number of titles, mostly in drama, film, literature, poetry, and similar genres. (The overlap with what we offer in similar categories at Scholars is considerable... Good taste tells!)

You can subscribe to TLM on their own website, but you can do it just as easily at Scholars... Look for them under Periodicals.