Measuring progress... Journal Proceedings.

One of the main activities of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, in the publishing of academic journals. Many of these were started by the Academy's founder, C V Raman... and are among the best scientific journals published in the country.

In recent years, Pramana, the Academy journal for physics has emerged as a major publisher of conference proceedings. This is an important role that the journal performs, allowing scientists to vicariously experience the several conferences that are hosted in the country.

Since Academy publications are subsidised, this is also an easy way that colleges and universities in India (and elsewhere) have of bring the latest research of a field to their libraries at an affordable rate. A case in point being the Proceedings of the conference Perspectives in Nonlinear Dynamics PNLD 2007 (which contains articles by leaders in the area of nonlinear science) that was published a few months ago, or the Proceedings of STATPHYS 22, or any number of other meetings. And some of the special issues commemorate other occasions- as for example the recent volume that celebrated 50 years of the Raychaudhuri equations in astrophysics.

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