One World...

Tulika, the independent publishing house based in Chennai that brings out great books for children has a range of new titles that are being used in schools in India. And also across the world- a happy consequence of globalization, with the diaspora spreading far and wide, carrying nostalgia with them.

The Smile of Vanuvati by Harini Gopalaswami Srinivasan, One World, Sorry, Best Friend!, Andaman's Boy, the Aditi series, All Free, Mazzoo Mazzoo, are some of their titles that find their way into schools- and given the fact that several of their books are available in a range of languages, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati... these books are immensely popular with the expat crowd as well.

And its not just storybooks... For instance, they bring out a Gandhi reader Picture Gandhi. "... off the beaten track and following Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi himself, in spirit as much as chronology. The author [ Sandhya Rao] views him with affection, but sparely, guided by what he himself valued most – truth and love – and what was important to him. Visually, too, the book enhances this perspective. Thought bubbles paraphrase Gandhi's words and peep into his mind. Colourful hand-done add interesting extensions to old black and white photographs." And their quirky Gandhi Scrapbook, with cartoons and odd notes... Given the fact that October 2 is just around the corner, ideal books to get and share...

Earlier we had written about Mathematwist, the imaginative mathematics reader for 10+ year olds (that my 8 year old devoured happily) and some of their other titles. Their newsletter that came in my mailbox today prompted this post. Their titles are available from us, of course.

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