IPDA is really IN!

We had told you earlier about the new website of
IPDA and their online bookstore,
www.ipda.in, which has made it easier to know more about their books and to get them! Well... here is an update on that post.

Some of the best - and most exciting- books from India come from this eclectic group of eight publishers-

  • Leftword Books, New Delhi
  • Navayana Publishing, Pondicherry
  • Samskriti, New Delhi
  • Stree-Samya, Kolkata
  • Three Essays Collective, Gurgaon
  • Tulika Books, Delhi
  • Tulika Publishers, Chennai, and
  • Women Unlimited/Kali for Women, New Delhi.
All their titles have been available via Scholars for the past several years, but it is really great that all their books will be visible at one site, in one place...

IPDA- Independent Publishers' Distribution Alternatives- publishes books covering a wide range including in the social sciences, women’s/gender studies, the humanities, left literature, development studies, international relations, politics, cultural studies, fiction, books for children and young adults, general interest non-fiction, and even some poetry.

IPDA was formed in response to the "globalisation of publishing and its domination by a handful of conglomerates in the global North and West have had a ripple effect on small and medium independent publishers everywhere. In India, too, with liberalisation of the economy and foreign direct investment, indigenous publishers are being pushed to the margins by the entry of multinational corporate publishing houses.

IPD Alternatives' collaborative marketing and distribution initiative is "aimed at providing the widest possible exposure of books published by independent publishers. It seeks to redress the lack of visibility of independent publishing in India by using both mainstream channels and alternative networks for the dissemination of these books. IPD Alternatives also seeks to promote independent publishing in India by developing new, alternative markets for it."

Their new website is up and running. It is a powerful extension of their activities, and a very welcome one at that! When you buy books from their online store, the orders are processed by us at Scholars-