It seems apposite, on Teacher's Day, to talk of Eklavya, that remarkable group based in Bhopal, who translate the parable from the Mahabharata into a reality, bringing "the best in education within the reach of everyone; to support each one's effort to learn and discover, question and create."

The emphasis is on everyone. Finding inclusive solutions in India is not an easy task at the best of times, and these, regrettably, are not the best of times. Nevertheless, Eklavya tries, and tries hard.

They do many things- but of the things they do, where they overlap with our goals is through their publications. Eklavya's Publications Programme "attempts to evoke curiosity and encourage interaction in both children and adults. Guided by both the school curriculum programmes and community based educational initiatives, these publications embody our efforts to promote a critical awareness of issues, encourage creativity and develop problem solving abilities.

Eklavya publishes 15 to 20 titles every year and has built up a library of over 150 titles. These include children’s literature, activity books, lesson modules, teaching aids, educational classics, resource books for teachers, reports and compilations of studies etc. While the majority of these titles are in Hindi, there are also titles in English and other Indian languages.

Eklavya also publishes चकमक, a magazine for children, सन्दर्भ, a reference magazine for teachers; क्यों और कैसे, an S&T wall-newspaper for high school and college students। It also runs स्रोते, a science feature service for newspapers.

All of which can be subscribed to from Scholars. And you can order all available Eklavya titles from us as well. Write in!