An enquiry about some books brought us in contact with Spark-India, a "Teacher Resource Unit dedicated to improving the quality of teaching in India. Started by three women with over 50 years of teaching experience between them, Spark-India is a specialised unit catering to teachers, educationists and all those interested in school education." That should include most of us, I dare say....

Spark has a range of books available on their website- and which can be ordered through us. We will list some of them by and by, but till then, please see what you'd like to have on the Spark site and get back to us.

One of their more interesting offerings is Teacher Plus, a specialised journal for all those interested in school education – schoolteachers, educators and parents. This exceptional magazine endeavours to provide new and innovative ideas and methods for classroom teaching at all levels, as well as school management and teachers’ issues. Published since 1989, this is the only magazine of its kind in India.

Teacher Plus carries various articles that are useful at different levels of school education. It includes discussion and activity-oriented articles for classroom use as well as school administration and teacher's issues.There are discussion and activity oriented articles on one particular topic, connecting different subject areas including maths, science, language, etc. to the topic on hand.

The magazine discusses such "out of classroom" areas such as school management and teachers’ issues, and has sections that are devoted to the pre-primary and primary classroom, reviewing different teacher resources and teaching aid, environmental issues, student involvement in the larger community, and so on.

Subscribe online to Teacher+ (or should that be Teacher ++?) through Scholars. In our Periodicals Section, under School Education.