Step by step

हिन्दी की दुनिया, पहले कदम... or Hindi ki Duniya, Pehle Kadam is a kit consisting of books and audio material from Scholastic, इंडिया।

Put together by Chandrika Mathur, a language teacher associated with Rishi Valley School in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, this will be of interest to Hindi language teachers at the primary level as well as to those learning Hindi for the first time. Especially if they are on their own. A new learner of Hindi can have a tough time- awkward pronounciations, incorrect use of gender, difficulty in composing sentences being some of the more common challenges... Sources of amusement in numerous low level sitcoms on TV, but hardly something to laugh at.

This is also a kit around which workshops can be organized for teachers of Hindi. How a new language is taught, how skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed, how learning through games and activities can be effected- all these aspects are covered.

माथुर trained in French language teaching at the Sorbonne and then combined her "understanding of new language learning with close observations of children to evolve a multi-sensorial, activity-based kit to teach हिन्दी to non-Hindi speaking students". The kit consists of 4 books and an audio-cassette, priced at Rs 400.