Sage Journals

Starting today, it is possible to susbcribe to select journals published by Sage via Scholars. This is an important new step for us- so far the list of journals that we have carried tended to be mainly in the sciences. Those published by the Indian Academy of Sciences, for instance. We did have a few others- JSL, the Journal of the School of Language, and Moving Worlds, and most recently, the South Asia Journal for Culture, but with Sage, we now offer a range of journals in the Social Sciences...

Many of you will be familiar with Sage- and how their "innovative ideas and approaches consistently distinguish their publishing." And that their journals are at "the forefront of knowledge, contributing to the disciplines of the future". The two that we have listed are both in the area of Gender Studies.

GTD, or Gender, Technology and Development "serves as a forum for exploring the linkages between changing gender relations and technological development. The diverse perspectives of the Asian region provide the main focus but dialogues along East-West and North-South lines are also an important aspect of the journal. The objective of the journal is to facilitate the recognition, promotion and coordination of opinions concerning the extended and shifting boundaries of meaning in gender, feminism, equality, technology and science for non-western societies and cultures. Multi-disciplinary in nature, the journal links the activities of women and men to institutions or governments, on the basis of technology, social relations and management. It develops the theory and practice of gender and technological development and define policy and programmes in their political, economic and social context. In addition to articles from individuals or collectives, the journal publishes book reviews, NGO profiles and news bulletins relating to issues of gender and technology." Published three times a year, it has been appreciated for its contribution to the area of gender and development studies by the Times Literary Supplement...

Malavika Karlekar edits the Indian Journal of Gender Studies, in which "gender categories are analysed with a view to changing social attitudes and academic biases which obstruct a holistic understanding of contributions to the family, community and a wider polity. The journal focuses, among other issues, on violence as a phenomenon, the social organisation of the family, the invisibility of women's work, institutional and policy analyses, women and politics, and motherhood and child care."

Both journals are available in both print and electronic versions, with special rates for individual subscribers as well as institutions. More Sage journals will come onto SwB soon. As they say, watch this page!