Regional Culture

SAJC, the South Asia Journal for Culture, is published from Colombo, Sri Lanka. SwB is very pleased to be able to offer journal subscriptions to SAJC ... for any number of our usual reasons. We like the fact that a southasian identity is evolving, and that in some quarters at least there is some effort to help people realize that shared histories still count for something in a globalized world...

The editorial board of the journal has academics from Sri Lanka (Sasanka Perera, Jagath Weerasinghe and T Shanaathanan), Pakistan (Salima Hashmi), India (Pooja Sood, Roma Chatterji and M Tharayil), Australia (Sharon Bell) and the UK (Tariq Jazeel). The issues they address are varied, ranging from a study of Sri Lanka's modern architecture to a critique of Asian art today. The format of the journal is such that in addition to scholarly essays, they have space for reviews and opinions. All in all, this promises to be an exciting addition to the set of journals published in the region, and one that will permit the exploration of many issues that transcend political borders.

Priced at Rs. 750.00 in Sri Lanka, US$8 in the SAARC region (as well as in developing nations) and US$18 in other countries, shipping and handling is extra.
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