This is a one-off post... The only books with recipes that you are likely to find on Scholars are of the numerical or algorithmic kind, so what is Italian Khana doing here?? Well, call it a chain of coincidences, but we thought that the title was unusual enough, and the author is unusual enough.

Ritu Dalmia runs a very successful Italian restaurant, DIVA, in New Delhi, and the cafe at the Italian Cultural Center. Her cooking has been praised lavishly- and from what we can tell, with justification. India is not the easiest place to cook Italian food. A few years ago, Italian imports were (with one famous exception) difficult to come by. The meats are different. The cheeses are different. The oil is different. And so on. Having scoured the local markets for substitutes- and having seen what is now finally available in the grocery stores in the major metros, Ritu has written an Italian cookbook for the Indian kitchen- hence the Khana.

Random House, who brought the book out earlier this year, gushes: "... Dalmia, chef and owner of Diva, Delhi’s most beloved Italian restaurant, teaches you how to cook authentic, delicious Italian food in your Indian kitchen that will have you throwing out your dal-chawal and begging for some pomodoro." Much of it is practical advice and "useful tips on techniques and sourcing ingredients, and anecdotes about her experiences cooking for her vegetarian Marwari family...", and so on. Having read, just this morning, a recipe on the net for Spaghetti with Harissa, one suspects that this is just the beginning of a grand fusion, typified by the title...

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Paperback, 248 pages, Rs 750. ISBN: 9788184000214