The Unclear Deal

Leftword have three books that should- we hope- shed some light on the recent political events surrounding the break up of the coalition that is presently in power at the Centre. Whether the government survives the next week is a moot question, and many Indians are both mystified and ignorant as to what the real issues are. Today's Hindu carries a passionate piece by V Krishna Iyer who entreats us "to preserve undiminished the dynamics, dimensions and dialectical realities of our democracy without the authoritarian patronage and commanding directives of a big power beyond the Atlantic. Do not ‘nuclearise’ our freedom. We need no U.S. nuclear imports to attain energy swaraj. We have uranium of our own yet to be mined. We have large thorium resources. We have enough alternative resources and technology." He goes on to argue that we need to explore other dimensions and alternate strategies... arguments that have been made and unmade time and again.

But what is the politics behind the politics? In an effort to make things as transparent as possible, "the notes exchanged in the UPA-Left Committee on India-US Civil Nuclear Cooperation are being made public since the issues involved are of vital importance and will have long-term implications of the country. The struggle waged by all the patriotic and democratic forces against the deal finds reflection in the documents submitted by the Left Parties. They are an effective critique of the deal and its harmful consequences for India’s national interests, foreign policy and strategic autonomy." This title from LeftWord, LEFT STAND ON THE NUCLEAR DEAL: Note Exchanged in the UPA-Left Committee on India-US Civil Nuclear Cooperation is the official statement of the CPM, the CPI, the Revolutionary Socialist Party and the All India Forward Bloc. Paperback, pp. 203, Rs 50.

Best read with SUBORDINATE ALLY: The Nuclear Deal and India-US Strategic Relations by Prakash Karat (ISBN: 978-81-87496-73-1, paperback, pp. 120, Rs 95) and Uncle Sam’s Nuclear Cabin by Prabir Purkayastha, Ninan Koshy, and M. K. Bhadrakumar (ISBN: 978-81-87496-74-8, paperback, pp. 135, Rs 95).

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