Making history

Amhihi Itihas Ghadavila by Meenakshi Moon and Urmila Pawar is a contemporary classic that was first published in 1989 in Marathi. Wandana Sonalkar (of Aalochana, Pune) has translated this book into English as We also made history.

The book details for the first time the history of the womens participation in Dalit movement led by B. R. Ambedkar. The first part outlines the involvement of women in various Dalit struggles from the early 20th Century, drawing on diverse sources including Dalit periodicals, records of meetings and personal correspondence. It speaks of social conditions of Dalit's women's lives, daily religious practices and marital rules among Dalits, the practice of ritual prostitution and various issues related to women. The second part consists of interviews with Dalit women activists from the 1930s. Both provide a rich store of materials for historians of the Dalit movement and of Gender in India.

In our Dalit Studies and Gender sections, Rs 595, 300 pages ISBN: 9788189013127