Forever young, forever new

Ali's World, released yesterday by Roli Books is one way that Badal and Swapna Mukhopadhyay cope with the immeasurable pain of losing their son Ali. An unusual and hugely talented child, Ali's life was cut short by an accident, just when his talent was beginning to take shape. This is a book about Ali, his growing up, and what made him exceptional. The foreword is by Aamir Khan who made the sensitive film Taare Zameen Par on the difficulties of a dyslexic child- and there is some resonance with the story of Ali Mukhopadhyay

"Ali began to show a talent for painting at an early age. During the last few months of his life he painted at a feverish pitch, experimenting with all kinds of mediums and art styles. Most of the paintings reproduced in this book were completed during this period. "

Rs 995. 96 pages, paperback. ISBN 9788174366740