Making another world possible...

Vikas Adhyayan Kendra (VAK) is an organisation in Mumbai with the express purpose of increasing the link between "scholars, academics and social activists, to initiate the process of social awakening through critical reflection and alternative discourse thereby contributing to strengthening people's struggles towards the goal of a just and more humane social order." Thats more than a mouthful, but given the scale of problems we (as a country) face, its not only necessary, its crucial.

They also publish books, and thats what this post is about. The major areas of concern for VAK are
  • Dalits and Adivasis
  • Gender Rights
  • Livelihood Security
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Religion and Society: Secularism and Communalism
  • Theory and Practice of Social Transformation
  • Ideology and Culture
which are among the most popular sections on the Scholars website. The covers on this post are some of their titles: Atrophy in Dalit Politics by Gopal Guru, which is a publication of the Dalit Intellectual's Collective, formed to combat the "recent trend in Dalit movements [...] the loss of reflectivity and the absence of any sustained intellectual endeavour to shape the course of politics. Dalit politics as a result lost purpose and got increasingly rooted in everyday forms of emotional- rhetorical dialogues", Ambedkar on Muslims by Anand Teltumbde, Lessons from Gujarat, edited by Sandip Pendse, and A Manifesto for Making another world possible by Damien Millet and Eric Toussaint...

The publications are not expensive. Rs 100 is a typical price. But more than that, these books address important contemporary issues and should not be ignored.