Stree Shakti!

More power to Stree and Samya (Kolkata) as they (finally!) revamp their website and put up a more complete list of books than they previously had....

As many of you will surely know, Stree and Samya are two imprints of the firm Bhatkal and Sen. Since 1990, Stree has been publishing on gender studies, focusing on the status of women in India, in both English and Bengali. They publish on " the workplace, class relations and political subjection, marriage, the family, the impact of religion, culture and ideology [and] translate women’s writings, fiction and nonfiction, from Indian languages into English."

Caste is another important area that both Stree and Samya, founded in 1996, focus upon. Also on "culture and dissent, which gives priority to the study of caste in a changing society, through scholarly analysis, its place in the creation of knowledge, and the writings of dalits, often in translations into English."

We're very proud of our association with Stree/Samya. Most of their titles have been available through Scholars for quite some time now, but with their new website, the link is now bidirectional.

Kesharshivam, Kancha Ilaiah, Ashok Mitra, Jashodhara Bagchi, V Geetha, Gail Omvedt, Kalpana Kannabiraman.... Their list of authors is as impressive as the titles that they have brought out over the years.