Pillars of Light

The University of Leeds publishes a great journal of transcultural writing, Moving Worlds. Which, by the way, was among the first journals to be made available for subscription via Scholars (and we will not soon forget that they were one organization that took the idea of without Borders seriously!). Leeds has played a pioneering role in Commonwealth and postcolonial studies, and feel the need to "explore new work, new directions and new perspectives...."

Their latest issue, Pillars of Light, explores Muslim cultures. Jeffrey Wainwright writes in Zefira Poems:

Without zefira there was nothing,
no way of writing nothing;
with it every distance,
every credit, every debt,
and how the universe bends round itself:
the decrees of physics are the decrees of fate.

The issue has fiction (Hamid Ismailov, Aamer Hussein, Abir Hamdar, Anand), poetry (Khadijah Ibrahim, Joolz Demby, Shawkat Toorawa, Tim Younds, Robert Chandler, Jeffrey Wainwright), and articles (Nima Poovaya Smith, Sheila Canby, Shusha Guppy, Kadija Sesay, Javed Majeed, Simon Broughton, Anshuman Mondal, Salima Hashmi, Ananya Kabir, Barnaby Rogerson). And more.

Order it via Scholars. The journal can be subscribed here as well. Write in!