Man to Man

Earlier this year, Sage brought out Parmesh Shahani's Gay Bombay: Globalization, Love and (Be)longing in Contemporary India. Widely praised for its novel methodology, which combines personal narrative with research, the book describes what it is to be gay in Mumbai today. The book "critically examines the formulation and reconfiguration of contemporary Indian gayness in the light of its emergent cultural, media, and political alliances. [It]
  • Offers an exciting path breaking ethnography, which combines a large macro sweep with an intensely personal narrative. The author's memories flow in and out of the main narrative to create a distinct reading experience.
  • Presents a unique and timely look at urban contemporary Indian sexuality
  • Provides an integrated approach that illuminates how new media technologies, the media industry, audiences, and broader socio-historical contexts shape gay identity in contemporary urban India
  • Gives a different perspective on globalization in post-liberalization urban India, as India re-positions itself as a global superpower. How are its minorities being treated? How are they asserting themselves in this new imagination of the nation-state?
  • Weaves in personal experience that helps us understand male same-sex desire in relation to customary experiences in a city like Bombay. "

Rachel Dwyer, who has written extensively on contemporary Indian culture says that the book is "a path-breaking study of homosexuality in modern Bombay/Mumbai that will be essential reading for students of gender and sexuality."

In our Sociology and Gender Studies sections, 360 pages, Paperback. Rs. 395. ISBN 9780761936480