This Borders thing....

No, this not about the bookstore chain.

In the last few weeks there have been a few news articles about Scholars, and our Borders Initiative. And about our Cull-Fest. This post is just to give links to the newspaper articles that many of you have written in to ask about (Thanks!).

The Hindustan Times had an item about our cull-fest. Basically, our idea here was to help people give away books that they no longer had use for. There is always that chance that the books you want to give away will eventually be sold for unimaginably high prices on, but sometimes one has to take a risk. We had great fun giving stuff away, the people who got the books seemed to value them, and we even sent books out of town to people in far off lands...

Our Borders Initiative got exposure via IANS in a number of places, including the Thai-Indian News website.

And there was a recent article in the Indian Express...

Some of you will notice that on our website, our name appears as

Scholars without BordersSM

The superscript denotes "Service Mark". Sort of like a TradeMark, only more accurately depicting what we do.