Epilogue J & K

SwB rarely advertises, but that could change, given that we want to increase our outreach to the borders.... And to start, we decided to have a small insert is in the curiously named magazine, Epilogue J & K in both its print and web forms. A monthly magazine which has the byline "because there is more to know" and which we heartily endorse.

Epilogue is an independent online news resource that serves as an authentic, accurate and rapid source of information on Jammu and Kashmir. They aggregate news from "all nooks and corners of the state and disseminate the same with a professional construction". "Freethinking professionals constitute the core team at Epilogue", with an "intellectual duty to uphold liberal, rational thought at every level of the organisation, at the same time maintaining the richness of diversity of ideas characteristic to our society". We are grateful to Epilogue for their help in our outreach activities, and for being there to present a point of view that needs to be seen and heard. This is one part of our country that many of us forget is a part of our country except in the crassest territorial sense...

Single issues of the magazine come at Rs 40. So a years subscription should be Rs 480, right?


Annual subscriptions are Rs 450, and to make it really sweet, you get a complete subscription to Tehelka, 51 issues, totally free! Amazing? Write in to us.