Swept away...

Like so much dust... "In January 2004, the Tourism Ministry of the Government of India announced its plan of developing a 100-acre strip of land on the banks of the Yamuna into a riverside promenade, to be marketed as a major tourist attraction in the lead-up to the Commonwealth Games. In February and April 2004, homes and community buildings in this area were razed to the ground leaving thousands of people homeless. This book, the outcome of a two year long research study, tracks the lives of nearly 3,000 of these evicted households who were relocated to Bawana on the margins of the city, and describes their struggle to live with dignity in the face of assaults on their identities, homes, rights and lives. The book presents data and evidence on a wide range of social and economic indicators to show how eviction and resettlement have eroded the rights and undermined the livelihoods of resettled families, leaving them in a state of permanent poverty from which escape seems unlikely if not impossible.

A critical exposé of the human consequences of the push to make Delhi a world class city" (whatever that means....), Swept off the Map the latest title from Yoda Press "raises uncomfortable questions about present trends in urban development and makes a powerful case for bringing the voices and views of all citizens, and not just the élite (or aspiring- to-be-élite) classes, into debates on the future of the city."

The authors are Kalyani Menon-Sen, a feminist activist, researcher and writer who is associated with JAGORI, a women's resource centre in Delhi and Gautam Bhan, a writer and researcher on urban systems based in New Delhi who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Urban Studies at UC Berkeley.

Paperback, 200 pages. Rs. 250, listed under Yoda in the Publisher Lists at Scholars.

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