The Scholars Cull-Fest 2008

Come the 15th of April, Scholars is having (what we hope is the first of) our annual BOOK Giveaways.

Near the office of the School of Information Technology, JNU, New Delhi, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on Tuesday, come pick up any book you want (maximum of 5 per person!) totally FREE OF COST. The books themselves- there are a few hundred paperbacks and hardcovers- have all been owned by scholars who are culling their bookshelves. Some of the collections go back over 50 years, so there are unexpected treasures to be found.

The paperback list is too long to include here, but the hardcover list is shorter. In case you aren't in Delhi, but would still like some of the books, we will be happy to send them to you for the cost of postage and handling. Write in to us at to find out if the title you want is still available.

The titles may not all be exactly right, but you will recognise the books in most cases.

  1. Al Qurashi, Salim Cause Of Indian Revolt
  2. Baron, S H Prokhanov
  3. Batra, Raveendra N. The Downfall off Captalism and Communism
  4. Burgess, Eric Satellites And Spaceflight
  5. Carrington, Richard Elephant
  6. Chandra Shekarbutt Sociology Of Development And Change
  7. Chaudhuri, Nirad C The Continent Of Circe
  8. Clerk, George English History, A Survey of
  9. Collins and Lapierre Or I'll dress you in mourning
  10. Cormack, M L She Who Rides A Peacock
  11. Cornic, Vivian The Romance Of American Communism
  12. Coulston, Charles The Edge Of Objectivity
  13. Cox, G W The Mythology Of Aryan Nations
  14. Damodharan, K Man And Society In Indian Philosophy
  15. Dange, S A India: From Primitive Communism To Slavery
  16. Dangle, Arjun Poisoned Bread
  17. Danks, Canon Canterbury
  18. De Misset, Alfred Poesies
  19. Drutman, Irving Janet Flanner's World
  20. Ellmann, Mary Thinking About Women
  21. Elton, G. R Political History. Principles And Practice
  22. Fisk, E K New Guinea On The Threshold
  23. Frank, Gunder Anne World Accumulation
  24. Franke, Herbert W. Wilderness Under The Earth
  25. Goyal, Shankar Harsha: A Multidisciplinary Political Study
  26. Goyal, Shankar The Image Of Classical India
  27. Guttentag M, and P F Secord Too Many Women
  28. Hachette Greece (Guide)
  29. Kakkar, Sudhir Intimate Relations
  30. Kammen, Michael The Past
  31. Khan, Nihgat Said and A S Zia Unveiling The Issues
  32. Kulke, H & Dietmar Rothermund A History Of India
  33. Kumaraswamy, Radhika Introduction To Social Theory
  34. Labrousse, P Langues' O
  35. Lermontov, M A Hero Of Our Time
  36. Lerner, Daniel The Passing Of Traditional Society
  37. Lewis, Norman A Goddess In The Stones
  38. Lothian C. Arthur A Hand Book For Travellers In India,Pakistan,Burma And Ceylon
  39. MacLagan, Michael Clemency Canning
  40. Maharaj Rana Eastern Right Of Sahatu Culture
  41. Malik, S C Indian Movements:Some Aspects Of Dissent Protest And Reform
  42. Mc Leod Discovering The Sikhs
  43. Mirza, Humayoon From Plassey To Pakistan
  44. Mokashi, D.B Palkhi
  45. Moon,Pendrel The Future Of India
  46. Morris,Yakkov Master Of The Desert
  47. Nalikar, J V and I Banga Philosophy Of Science
  48. Nambiar, Thankam B The Women In Mauryan India
  49. Narayan, R K Ramayana
  50. Peissel, Michel Zanskar
  51. Prakash, Buddha Evolution Of Heroic Tradition
  52. Pudaite, Rochunga The Education Of The people
  53. Raja, Anwari The Tragedy Of Afghanistan
  54. Ram, N. Riding The Nuclear Tiger
  55. Ramaseshan, S & C. Ramachandra Rao C.V Raman -A Pictorial Biography
  56. Rangacharya, V. History Of Pre-muslim India
  57. Ravindran, T K Asan And Social Revolution In Kerala
  58. Ray, Niharranjan Nationalism In India
  59. Raychaudhari, H Political History Of Ancient India
  60. Raychaudhuri, Hemachandra Political History of Ancient India
  61. Reid, Lucy The Fish On The Bus
  62. Rikhey, Indrajith 6th Duke Of Connaughts Own Lancers
  63. Rinpoche, Sogyal The Tibetan Book Of Living & Dying
  64. Rose, H and S Rose Science And Society
  65. Rush, Kevin Children Of Kali
  66. Sarkar, Shuban Bengal Renaissance And Other Essays
  67. Saul, John S. Developent After Globalization
  68. Scindia, Vijayaraje Princess
  69. Shamsuzzha, Manik The Aryans And Hindus Civilization
  70. Shankardass, R D Vallabhbhai Patel
  71. Sharma, Arvind Hinduism and its sense of History
  72. Sharma, Jyothirmaya Terrifying Vision
  73. Sharma, Tej Ram The Concept Of History
  74. Singhal, D P India And Afghanistan
  75. Stambuk, Drago Incomplete Animals
  76. Subhandu Vasavadutta: A Sanskrit Romance
  77. Tharoor, Sashi Nehru The Invention Of The India
  78. Tharoor, S Riot
  79. Thayil, Jeet & Vijay Nambisan Gemini
  80. Todron, Nikolai The Balkan City
  81. Tolstoy, Leo Tales Of Sevastopol
  82. Turganev, Ivan A Nest Of The Gentry
  83. Valicha, Kishore The Moving Image
  84. Veluthat, Keshavan and P P Sudhakaran Advances In History
  85. Wagle, Narendra Society At The Time Of Buddha
  86. White, Morton A Philosopher's story
  87. Whittaker, Zai The Snakeman
  88. Wright, Gordon The Ordeal Of Total War 1939-1945
  89. Yadav, Narendra Out-Caste
  90. Yaqoob, Sayeed The Promised One
  91. Young The Government Of Britain
  92. The World Of Science
  93. Royal Historical Society
  94. Punjab On The Eve Of First Sikh War
  95. The Bhagavad Gita


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