Jan Madhyam

Independent voices in independent India need support... Scholars is happy to showcase the work of Jan Madhyam who make documentaries and tackle contemporary issues head on, regardless of which feathers they ruffle. Some examples of their recent work:
  • Maya Nagri (Culture of Lies) 2007/Hindi/20 minutes, on Muslim child labourers working in Delhi’s suburb and the role of police, government, NGO’s and funding agencies like SAVE the Children & The World Bank play in criminalizing them.

  • Right to Information 1999/English&Hindi/33 minutes, A film on Corruption in implementation of Rural Development works and ways of combating it.

  • Kaise Jeebo Re! (How Do I Survive, My friend!) 1999/Hindi & English/80 minutes A story of uprootment, of survival, of struggle and of human-dignity of a people living in the Narmada valley who continue to struggle against large dam projects.
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