A group of students and teachers at Delhi University have started a non-funded independent research group, Perspectives. They work on issus of social, political and economic relevance and attempt to understand them by assessing the situation first-hand and "on the ground".

ABANDONED. Development & Displacement is a book that they have brought out a year or so ago (a revised second edition was published a couple of months ago,) in which they question displacement and the model of development that is being followed in India, most visibly in Nandigram and Singur. The inevitability of displacement- be it villagers in these parts of West Bengal, or tribals who have been relocated thanks to mega-dam projects- has become synonymous with economic development. In this book, the Perspectives team offers an alternate perspective... Development has to be for the people, not at the cost of the people.

Scholars is happy to list their book. The cost is negligible- Rs 50, but the book is important and should be read.