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Human Rights. Lack of awareness - and the lack of literacy- sees many groups in India denied some of their basic rights. An organisation that has done a great deal to help these groups- ranging from children to dalits, the differently abled, farmers, HIV positive people, the homeless, indigenous people, prisoners, refugees, religious and sexual minorities, women, workers, and sex-workers among others is HRLN, the Human Rights Legal Network.

is huge. They provide pro bono legal services, conduct public interest litigation, engage in advocacy, conduct legal awareness programmes, investigate violations, and participate in campaigns. And very importantly, they publish a number of books and other 'know your rights' materials, all of which are now available through Scholars.

One of their publications is Humjinsi, edited by Bina Fernandez is about Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian legal rights. A guide to Combating sexual harassment at the workplace. The title says it all: a comprehensive guide to what you need not tolerate. Combat Law is their bimonthly magazine that addresses issues of current legal interest.

There are few aspects of public life where basic human rights are not involved, and HRLN has something to say on all of them. Be it on Health Care, on Water, on Communal violence... the list is long.

And its not just books. There are pamphlets, posters, documentaries. Not all are listed on our site, but write in- we'll be happy to get them for you. Treat this as part of your right to information.... and as your right!