My friend Mr Haldane

There have been few Indian scientists of the stature or calibre of J B S Haldane. We can indeed claim him as ours- he moved here in the 1950's and took up Indian citizenship... and what counts, participated in full measure and much as he did in Britain, as a fierce opponent of humbug, scientific and social! He had many admirable qualities- he was a brilliant scientist who worked right to the end, committed to the cause. As many have noted, among them Vigyan Prasar, there have been few popularizers of science of his calibre.

A pioneer biologist, biochemist and geneticist, Haldane helped provide the mathematical foundation for Darwin's theory of natural selection. A professed Marxist, and as chairman of the editorial board of the Daily Worker (the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of Great Britain) he wrote a large number of popular science articles, with a view of making it accessible to ordinary workers. Many of these essays were later collated into books, and these have now been reprinted. My friend Mr Leakey is, of course a children's classic, and whats even nicer, has many touches of India in it....

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