Taare Zameen Par

Ever since I started reading out The Very Hungry Lion to my daughter, I've felt that Scholars should list some of the books from Tara, the Chennai-based niche publishing house that specialises in handcrafted books with amazing folk and tribal themes and graphics. Well, we start listing their titles today...

At the ongoing (apology for a) World Book Fair in Delhi, their stall is a veritable treasure trove- its great to see all their titles together and to see the richness of their creative efforts. In an article last year in the Hindu, the founder Gita Wolf was quoted "Our business model is different. We have kept the business small and creative.'' And different is right- Samhita Arni is one of their authors wrote The Mahabharatha-A Child's View in 2 volumes when she was 12!

Each of Tara's books have this quality, of being unusual, and captivating. One that caught my eye (and which I instantly bought!) yesterday is The Book Book, a book about making books, for children 8 years and above. By Sophie Benini Pietromarchi, this beautifully produced book is full of ideas and inspiration to help readers write. And construct their own. A book that will appeal to educators, parents, and book lovers as well.

In our For Children section. Rs 625, ISBN: 978-81-86211-24-3. Look for other Tara titles also!